Crane Fleet & Charts

Please click the links below to see the specifications and lifting charts for our current mobile crane fleet.  

Please remember, however, that no job is too big for us. We regularly undertake lifts where much larger cranes are required, with A-Lift planning and managing the whole process on your behalf from start to finish and hiring in the appropriate equipment from our close associates to carry out the job safely on your behalf.   Our experienced, qualified personnel will survey the job and draw up all the lift plan documentation in advance; overseeing and supervising the lift on site as well as carrying out the required slinger-signaller duties.  

So please call us today on 0800 804 6696 to discuss any lifting requirements you may have, regardless of the size crane which will be required.  

The simplistic ‘weight to distance’ lift chart shown below will also help indicate the size of crane you are likely to require.  However, it is critical to note that several factors must be considered when determining the correct crane size for each job.   So we will always undertake a site survey on your behalf to accurately assess your crane hire requirements when carrying out any contract lift crane hire.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What a customer needs to provide on the day of hire will depend on the type of crane hire you have arranged (CPA contract lift or CPA crane hire). With CPA crane hire, the customer will be responsible for providing all the correct documentation, such as risk assessments, method statements, and lift plan drawings, to comply with legislation controlling crane hire in the UK. With a Contract Lift, A-Lift Crane Hire will be responsible for providing these documents and any essential equipment for the job. We may have specified that certain things need to be in place before we arrive on site, such as ensuring the set-up area for the crane is cleared of any equipment or debris or ensuring that scaffolding is at a correct height if applicable and that the site has appropriate fall protection in place. Any requirements such as these will be explained when we complete our survey and confirm with you.

When you need to move or lift heavy loads in the air, hiring a crane is essential, especially if a Hiab isn’t suitable for carrying out the lift. However, it is very important to work out, as accurately as possible, what size crane is needed because hiring the biggest crane is not the answer and will cost you far more. Choosing the right size crane for the jobs depends on several key factors, including the weight of the load, the terrain the crane will have to set up on and if it is suitable to take the weight of the particular crane; the amount of space on the site in question; the distance between where the crane will be set up and where the load needs to be landed and other factors such as weather conditions or the length and position of boom you might need for reach. We also include a safety factor of usually 20% just in case the load is heavier than stated.

So whilst we supply a weight/ratio lifting charge on our Crane Fleet charts page to help indicate the size of crane you will need, many other factors must be considered to ensure this is accurate. So for expert advice on what size crane you are likely to need, please call us on 0800 804 6696.



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