Crane Hire Services

Crane Hire Services

We can meet all your crane hire needs. No job is too big or small.

We regularly carry out lifts for the construction sector, such as lifting roof trusses, chimneys, spandrel panels, steels and concrete beams. In addition, our crane hire services include carrying out machinery movement and a full range of other lifts within the industrial and engineering sectors, such as AHU lifts, plant and factory equipment lifts and container lifts.

A-Lift has also carried out a range of works within the civil infrastructure sector on road, rail and airport developments undertaking bridge and wind turbine installations and lifting gantries and similar equipment in to position.   

We also frequently carry out hot tub, pool and swim spa lifts and larger marine boat lifts for domestic customers and can assist in forestry and tree removal or lifting ornamental structures and ponds. The list is endless!

We concentrate our services within the counties of Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire, North London, Oxfordshire, Rutland and areas of West Midlands such as Coventry and Birmingham.  However, we have planned and managed lifts much further afield, so please give us a call on 0800 804 6696 and we can happily advise if we are able to help with your crane hire needs in that area.

Our previous projects gallery page shows a sample of lifts we have carried out.  Please see the descriptions below for a further summary of the type of crane hire services we can assist with within each sector.  

We are always happy to discuss any of your lift requirements to find the best solution for your needs so please do not hesitate to contact us.

crane Lift for RS Components

Industrial and Engineering

A-Lift have planned and carried out hundreds of successful lifts within the industrial, engineering and manufacturing sectors, as well as for the entertainment sector.  Examples of the type of lifts we can plan, manage and undertake on your behalf include:

  • Machinery Movement and Factory Relocation projects
  • Air Conditioning Units
  • Air Handling Units
  • Plant and Equipment Installation and Removal
  • Theme Park and Fairground ride removals and installations
  • Office cabin installations and relocations


We carry out construction lifts on a daily basis, working across the public and private sectors, helping to build, maintain and update a wide range of buildings and other construction projects.   Examples of the types of lifts we regularly carry out within this sector are:

  • Housing development lifts 
  • Steel fabrication
  • Steel erection
  • Demolition
  • Concrete block and beams
  • Container, Portacabin and Site Equipment Moves
  • Window and glass installations
  • Building maintenance projects


A-Lift are highly experienced in undertaking work in this area, carrying out lifts to all those facilities and services which underpin the structure of the UK.  Examples of the types of structures and areas we have provided cranes for are as follows:

  • Wind turbine lifts
  • Bridges
  • Road and rail network development
  • Viaducts
  • Sewarage lifts
  • Power supplies
  • Emergency response recovery


A-Lift pride ourselves on personalised service we offer to all our private customers and we have carried out a vast range of varied and interesting domestic lifts with many happy customers as a result.  Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions below for more information specifically regarding the use of cranes for hot tub and swim spa lifts.  

Some examples of the type of items we regularly lift within this sector include:

  • Hot tubs
  • Swimspa’s
  • Pools
  • Ponds
  • Ornamental Structures and Statues
  • Narrow boats and other marina lifts
  • Tree surgery and removal
  • Garden Cabins
  • Mobile homes

CPA Terms and Conditions of Hire

As full members of the Construction Plant Hire Association (CPA), all our cranes are hired out according to their industry-recognised terms and conditions. We can perform lifts based on CPA Contract Lift or CPA Crane Hire terms.

The essential difference between the two types of lift are outlined below but for further clarification on which is the right option for you, simply give us a call or e-mail us at

Crane Hire vs Contract Lift Services

Included Services Crane Hire Contract Lift
Crane with qualified operator
Method statement and risk assessment
Qualified appointed person to plan lift
Qualified slinger-signaller and lift supervisor
Insurance for damage to the crane
Insurance for damage to the crane
Legal Responsibility
(*Certain responsibilities remain with the client as detailed in the full CPA Contract Lift terms and conditions.)

CPA Contract Lift

Often the best option if you:

  • Don’t have experience or qualifications for organising crane lifts

  • Don’t want the responsibility of planning and managing the lift on the day

  • Don’t have insurance to cover contract equipment, personnel and goods being lifted.

Under the terms of a CPA Contract Lift, the crane, equipment, operator and all personnel supplied with the crane are the responsibility of the crane company. The crane company is responsible for all aspects of planning and executing the lift, thus reducing risk and ensuring the lift complies fully with BS7121.

Our Appointed Persons will conduct a site survey to assess your crane requirements and prepare a risk assessment and method statement detailing how we will carry out the lift. Where necessary, we will contact the local authority on your behalf to arrange a road closure licence and provide all lifting equipment and crane personnel to manage and supervise the lift itself.

Our insurances cover us for £10 million public and products liability and £5 million employers liability, as well as a standard £25,000 for the goods being lifted on the hook. This amount can be increased according to the individual customer’s needs and the value of the goods being lifted.

Under CPA Contract Lift conditions, it should be noted that the customer does retain some limited liabilities and should therefore hold adequate insurance to protect against incidents arising from, for example, their own negligence; inadequate or unstable ground conditions; inadequate or incorrect information supplied in connection with the goods being lifted.

To download a copy of the 2021 CPA Contract Lift terms and conditions – Click here

CPA Crane Hire

Often the best option if you:

  • Have experience of organising crane lifts
  • Have qualified personnel who can plan and manage the lift
  • Have insurance to cover all contract equipment, personnel and goods being lifted     


Under the terms of CPA Crane Hire, the responsibility for planning and supervising the lift remains with the customer and insurance liability. The customer’s Appointed Person is responsible for planning the lift and all personnel and equipment involved. We are accountable for supplying a competent operator and a crane fit for the intended purpose. We can also supply a qualified slinger-signaller.

To download a copy of the 2021 CPA model terms and conditions of hire – Click here

Crane Hire at Wicksteed Park Kettering to remove tree

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Ultimately this comes down to whether you have a qualified appointed person to plan and manage your crane hire as well as the required personnel to work alongside our crane and operator.  If you do, then a standard CPA crane hire is more affordable, but we will need to see a copy of your Lift Plan and appointed persons credentials before commencing work.  We always hire out our cranes with one of our operators, so the minimum hire service you will need from us is a standard CPA crane hire.

However, if you don’t have this qualified personnel, or the insurances to cover the hire of the crane and operator, you will need to hire us on a CPA Contract Lift basis.

Legal responsibility could also be a reason to choose contract lifting over a standard crane hire, even if you do have qualified personnel who could plan the lift.  With CPA contract lifting, most legal conditions apply to the hire firm, so it significantly reduces your responsibilities and potential stress in managing the crane service.

If you are qualified to hire a crane and operator from us, then it is your responsibility to determine what size crane you require.   In contrast, if you book us on a contract lift basis, we will visit and survey the job and determine what size crane you need.  

In summary, if you are new to mobile crane hire, please rest assured that we can assist you throughout the process and that we have a wide range of cranes available to ensure we can get the job done for you.

The insurance you need will depend on the type of crane hire your book, whether it be a CPA standard crane hire or a CPA contract lift.

With a CPA standard hire, in most cases, you will need to ensure that you have adequately hired in-plant insurance to cover the value of our crane and adequate liability insurance to cover the lift itself. In some instances, we can add a percentage to our hire cost to cover the hired-in-plant insurance element for you, but you would still need to ensure you have adequate liability insurance.

With a CPA contract lift, A-Lift Crane Hire provides the insurance coverage. Our standard cover includes £25,000 for the goods being lifted on the hook, along with £5 million public liability insurance and £10 million employers liability insurance.  However, if the goods being lifted are worth more than £25,000, we can supply additional insurance to ensure the full value of the load is covered.  It is your responsibility to give us an accurate indication of the value of the load when you book a contract lift crane hire with us, to ensure this is covered sufficiently.

Excesses and exclusions apply to all insurances, so it is always important to ensure that you are fully familiar with the requirements and responsibilities of the particular type of hire you have. Copies of the CPA Standard crane hire terms and conditions can be found on our website’s Crane Hire Services page, as can a copy of the CPA Contract Lift terms and conditions of hire.

NOTE: Under a contract lift, the customer does still retain certain liabilities and should ensure that adequate insurance is in place to cover:

Own negligence.

Inadequate or unstable ground.

Inadequate/incorrect information supplied in connection with loads or sites.

The minimum hire period A-Lift Crane Hire will quote for is up to 4 hours on site (half day); therefore, it is impossible to provide an hourly cost. Other crane hire companies may have a minimum day rate hire period.

If a crane lift takes longer to complete than the allotted on-site time, an hourly rate would be charged after that initial hire period. However, we cannot guarantee that a crane will be able to remain on site after its booked time, especially if a shorter hire period has been opted for against our advice.

There isn’t a fixed price per hour for a crane because this will depend on the size of crane required and whether any additional personnel or equipment are involved in the hire, plus whether the crane is being hired outside standard working hours e.g during the weekend or at night.

Hot tubs and swim spas can weigh anywhere from a few hundred kilos to 2 tonnes, making them difficult to move without proper equipment, particularly if there is no clear access from the road to the area in the garden where they will be situated.  This is where mobile cranes come in handy.  

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that lifting a hot tub with a mobile crane is not a job for amateurs. It requires careful planning and execution and specialised equipment and skilled crane personnel to ensure that the lift is safe and successful.  Therefore, it’s always recommended to hire a professional crane service that has experience in lifting hot tubs.  Look no further than A-Lift Crane Hire for this service – we regularly carry out hot tub lifts throughout our areas of operation and work alongside many of the main hot tub retailers, having many very satisfied customers as a result.  Please have a look at our many Google reviews to see the positive feedback we have received.

The first step in lifting a hot tub with a mobile crane is to assess the area where the hot tub or swim spa will be located and the area where they will be lifted from.  They often need to be lifted over obstacles such as trees, buildings, and fences to reach their final destination. Using a mobile crane is a safe and efficient way to move the hot tub if no alternative means is possible, since it allows the hot tub to be lifted over any obstacles and lowered directly into place. Trying to move a hot tub without a mobile crane in these circumstances can be dangerous and can potentially cause damage to the hot tub, the property, and even the people involved.

To assess the lift, one of our qualified Appointed Persons will visit the property to carry out a free survey and will examine the lift areas to make sure that there is enough space to manoeuvre the crane, and that there are no obstacles in the way. The ground needs to be stable and able to support the weight of the crane and the hot tub.  Ground support pads can be supplied to protect the ground and reduce the load bearing weight of the crane.   When choosing a mobile crane for lifting the hot tub or swim spa, it is obviously crucial to ensure that the crane is capable of lifting the weight of the load and to determine the radius between where the crane will be able to set up and where the load is required to be positioned.  The crane must be large enough to lift the hot tub, but not so large that it damages the property or is difficult to manoeuvre in tight spaces.  It’s also important to check for any overhead power lines or obstacles in place that may hinder the crane’s movement.

Before the crane arrives you will need to prepare the site where the hot tub or spa will be landed.  Make sure there is a level and stable surface for the hot tub and clear away any obstables, where possible, that may get in the way of the crane. Also communicate clearly with the crane company to ensure they understand where the hot tub is to be placed. 

On arrival to carry out the job, the crane operator will set up the crane in a safe and stable location following the Appointed Persons lift plan, typically on the street or driveway depending upon the particular circumstances of the job. The crane will need to be set up on outriggers or pads to ensure stability and prevent it from tipping over during the lift and the area cordoned off.  If necessary, a partial road closure may have to have been applied for from the local authority in advance of the lift; this would be the case where the crane cannot be set up without blocking the highway.

Once the crane is set up, the slinger-signaller will attach lifting straps or chains to the hot tub, along with tag lines.  The straps or chains will need to be securely fastened to the hot tub to prevent it from slipping or falling during the lift. The crane operator will then use the crane to slowly lift the hot tub off the ground.

It’s important to note that lifting a hot tub with a mobile crane can be a delicate process. The crane operator will need to be precise and cautious when moving the hot tub to prevent any damage or accidents. Once the hot tub is lifted off the ground, it may need to be rotated or moved in a particular direction to reach the desired location. The crane operator will carefully move the hot tub to its new location and then lower it back down to the ground where it can be manoeuvred in to position and the slings removed.

In conclusion, lifting a hot tub with a mobile crane is a job that should only be done by professionals.  It’s important to hire a crane service such as A-Lift that has experience lifting hot tubs and that can ensure a safe and successful lift.  With the right equipment and skilled operators, a mobile crane can make lifting and moving hot tubs a relatively easy process, allowing you to enjoy your new tub, swimspa or pool within no time.




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