Previous Projects

Installation of Dominos Signage, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

We have been proud to have a carried out a number of contract lift crane hires at Domino’s Pizza in Ashlands, Milton Keynes.  Firstly removing and installing new flag poles and then lifting the signage out for renovation and reinstalling it after this work was completed. Utilising both our Bocker AK46-6000 and Tadano ATF70G-4, lifting beams were used to safely manoeuvre the sign, with the Bocker assisting by lifting crane personnel in a man cage supplied by A-Lift for access to the roof area. 

AHU Installations at Northamptonshire Police Headquarters, Kettering and Industrial Premises in Wellingborough

We regularly provide crane hire to lift Air Handling Units (AHUs) and other maintenance and servicing equipment to business premises.  The first images shows one of our visits to the relatively new Northamptonshire police and fire headquarters in Rushton, Kettering to install an AHU. 

The remaining two images were an interesting job for Envirosound at an industrial premises in Wellingborough.  Having surveyed and planned the Contract Lift in advance, we supplied cranes over a 4 day period to complete the required installations.  The images show our aluminium remote control Klaas 1003 crane in action.  Our operator Gary, seen in bright orange on the roof,  was able to slowly lift and position the AHU’s in to position within his direct eyeline, allowing precise control of the lift.  The Envirosound team, in the man cage alongside, were then able to complete the installations.

Knife Angel installations in Corby and Northampton

A-Lift were very proud to be asked to assist with a number of temporary installations of this magnificent knife angel structure in town and city centres locally.  The Knife Angel is a contemporary sculpture which stands at 27 feet tall and is formed of 100,000 knives created by artist Alfie Bradley and the British Ironworks Centre to highlight the dangers of knife crime. We were able to supply our new 40 tonne Marchetti crane in both Northampton and Corby to carry out the installations, slowly lifting and lowering this iconic artwork safely in to position. 

Covid Response Ward Installation, Kettering Hospital

We were equally proud to be appointed by Vanguard Healthcare Solutions to supply our 70 ton crane over a full weekend in April 2020 to  help install a new 18-bed modular ward at Kettering General Hospital to provide extra capacity during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

The ward was supplied and set up in the car park at the hospital’s main site in Rothwell Road as a contingency measure, providing the hospital with temporary additional bed capacity for non-Covid patients.   A-Lift supplied our 70 ton crane on a Contract Lift basis to lift the pre-constructed modular units off transport and in to position as required by the client. 

Installation of Gantry System for HS2 at Melton Mowbray, Leicester

On this lift we were asked to help install a gantry system that would support the production of precast materials for HS2 planned works heading north. With 2 cranes carrying out a tandem lift with a span measuring over 45m in length, the gantry was assembled and installed without issue, working alongside the customers installation team.

Installation of Radar dish, RAF Croughton, Brackley, Northamptonshire

We have supplied cranes at RAF Croughton on a number of occasions.  This particular visit was to install a new radar dish and satellite equipment utilising our 40 ton crane as part of a contract lift crane hire, planned and managed by A-Lift.   

Silo Removal, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

Tasked with helping to install and replace a number of holding tanks from a customer in Welwyn Garden City, we employed a 130 ton crane to work alongside our 40 ton crane to lift the tanks from transport and stand and place a number of 10 ton tanks as required.  The lift was planned from the start with restricted site space; extra requirements for equipment such as ground protection and spreader beams; and additional manpower to manage the operations.   In the course of the day, all tanks were replaced and handed over to the client for commissioning. 

Wind Turbine Motor installation, Sandy, Bedfordshire

Following a breakdown of the generator on a wind turbine near Bedford, A-Lift were instructed to head to site and plan a Contract Lift to repair and replace the equipment at very short notice.  With good weather and planning, the lifts required for the repair were completed within a day, and the turbine was back up and running the following day.

Climbing Wall Installation, ‘Yonder’, Walthamstow, Greater London

This was another unique job for us when we were tasked with installing a climbing wall in to a new indoor adventure park called Yonder in Walthamstow.  Working in a very tight location, with height restrictions, our little Tadano 7.5 ton crane was ideal for the job.  Over three days our teams stayed on site and helped complete the erection of all aspects of the facility.  Utilising the small crane allowed us to get in to areas which many other machines would have struggled with. 

Tree Removal at Wicksteed Park, Kettering and Tree Surgery Lifts in Northamptonshire

We have carried out numerous Contract Lifts at Wicksteed Park in Kettering to help with removing or lifting in new theme park rides but this job (seen in the first image above) was rather different and involved providing the craneage to remove a tree and plant a new one.  We sent our 55 ton Grove crane to give us the capacity to remove one of the largest trees at the entrance to the site.  Working alongside tree surgeons, the tree was taken down over the course of the day to its roots, with no issues or damage to the surrounding grass.  

We have assisted tree surgeons with several lifts over the years, and responded in emergencies to help remove fallen or damaged trees.  The third image is A-Lift working through the night and weekend to assist Wilby Tree Surgeons at Overstone Mobile Home Park near Northampton after a tree had fallen on to mobile homes causing severe damage. 

Swimming Pool Install, Upper Caldecote, Biggleswade 

This was a great job for our 70 tonne crane and crew installing a swimming pool for a lovely couple in Upper Caldecote.  The work was carried out over 2 visits with our team initially lifting a digger over the house to prepare the hole for the swimming pool and returning a few weeks later to install the pool and remove the digger.  The driveway was protected with our steel ground mats ensuring no damage was done and the customers couldn’t have been more complimentary about the service that was provided by A-Lift and our friendly lift team of Tony (pictured above cuddling the family dog!), Bob and Jimmy.

Concrete Block and Beams, Amersham, Buckinghamshire

We carried out this contract lift of block and beams in a village near Amersham using our Marchetti crane.  The overhead drone photo provided by the client helps demonstrate the footprint of that crane whilst in operation.  Concrete blocks and beams are lifted using a block grab which is attached to the hook as seen above and available for hire as part of the contract lift.  The client was delighted with the service provided by both our Crane Supervisor and Crane Operator on site and with the customer care he received from our team in the office and has stated is looking forward to using us again on return visits.  

Installation of Garden Cabin Room in Wootton, Bedfordshire

We can lift any type of garden cabins, sheds, swim spas or hot tubs.  This particular lift was in partnership with Garden Room Cabins Ltd for a customer in Bedford.  Having carried out a survey visit and safely planned and managed how the lift would be carried out, we provided ground mats as protection for the driveway and used our Faun 40 ton crane to slowly lift and lower the garden cabin in to position in the rear garden. 

Carousel Fairground Ride Removal, Billing Aquadrome, Northampton

A-Lift were booked to remove this carousel fairground ride and other equipment from Billing Aquadrome in September 2023.  Having carried out a full site survey, our Appointed Person calculated that our 70 ton Tadano crane would be required to carry out the Contract Lift.  The crane was set up in the required poistion and worked alongside personnel in a cherry picker to dismantle and access the required lifting points on the equipment.  The ride was then lifted slowly out in sections and on to neighbouring transport.  A very colourful job for our 70 ton crane.


Building Materials Lift, The Old Tannery, Ely, Cambridgeshire

This was a lovely job for our Bocker AK46-6000 and crane crew, working in the shadow of Ely Cathedral.  Working for Laragh Homes on a contract lift basis lifting mixed materials for their newest development at the Old Tannery, Ely. A tight access and position for the crane, but the Bockers variable rigging allowed for another successful lift operation.

Hurricane Aircraft Lift, Sywell Aerodrome, Sywell, Northampton

A-Lift were tasked with helping to unload and re-assemble a very special aircraft at Sywell Aerodrome with our 70 ton crane.  The contract lift required a steady hand from the operator as the value of the hurricane aircraft was over £2million.  Over the course of the morning, the team worked with the owner and engineers to successfully rebuild the hurricane ready for storage in the hangars. 

Housing Development Contract Lifts, Cardington, Bedford

A-Lift Crane Hire work for many large housing development companies providing contract lifts to lift roof trusses, chimneys, spandrel panels, steels etc in to position.  This particular site sits directly next to the historic Cardington Airfield hangars (seen on the central photograph).  This job was one of the first outings for our new 2022 Klaas crane, which has proved a brilliant addition to our fleet.  Operated by remote control, it enables the operator to stand in direct sight of the load when it is landed, giving optimised control over the lift. 

Hot Tub Lifts in Leicester; Milton Keynes and Peterborough

A-Lift regularly carry out hot tub and swimspa installations and we have many very happy customers as a result.  A survey is essential to determine where the crane can be safely set up within a residential area and whether a partial road closure may be required if access is limited.   We will work closely alongside the hot tub company to ensure that the installation is completed in a smooth and timely manner, causing minimum inconvenience for the customer.  Each of these lifts involved setting the crane up on the drive way with appropriate ground mat support to reduce the load bearing pressure on the ground and lifting the hot tub in a controlled manner over the main roof of the house and in to its required position in the garden. 

Roof Truss Installations in Cambridge, Luton and Rugby 

A-Lift frequently carry out installations of roof trusses, chimneys, spandrel panels and associated building materials for many well known housing developers throughout our whole area of operation.  The lifts are carried out on a Contract Lift basis using a variety of cranes with the correct equipment being determined by the weight and radius of the particular load which needs to be lifted. Our highly experienced team work closely alongside the carpentry firms to ensure that the work is completed as efficiently as possible.

Jet Engine Lift for Atlantic Airlines, Coventry Airport and Helicopter Lift at Sywell Aerodrome

A-Lift have supplied lifting services to several aviation companies in the Midlands.  On this first occasion we were removing a faulty engine ready for refurbishment, and working with the engineers to carry out a replacement fitting with our Faun 40 ton crane.  When a clients site equipment isn’t robust enough to undertake a lift, then A-Lift can be on hand to help our customers complete the required lifts.  With pre-planning and the correct insurances and manpower for the job, all aspects of the hire were completed within a half day Contract Lift for the customer.

The second image is us working on behalf of Sloane helicopters to lift a helicopter on to transport at Sywell Aerodrome.  Working alongside the client and their team, our 70 tonne Tadano crane and skilled crew members carried out the lift with ease. 

Man Cage Lifts at Overstone Hall, Northampton and beyond

The Contract Lift at Overstone Hall involved using our 55 ton Grove over several visits to lift personnel in a man cage to allow inspectors to carry out investigation work following a fire.  Utilising our man cage basket, we were able to lower inspectors in to the building to check the integrity of the walls, which gave far more flexibility than an access platform and without the risk of disturbing the ground whilst running on it.  The correct PPE and use of harnesses was used throughout to ensure the safety of all involved.

We have a range of man cages for hire which can be used for a vast array of purposes, either to lift clients personnel to carry out maintenance tasks or to lift A-Lift personnel to complete the required lifting operation.  The additional images above show the range of work that can be carried out utilising our man baskets.  

Ornamental Garden Statue Installation,Wollaston, Northamptonshire

A-Lift have carried out several crane lifts of ornamental structures either for public display purposes or to install garden ornaments or ponds in private residential properties.  This particular job involved setting up our Klaas crane in a field to enable us to lift this large art installation from one garden to a neighbouring one.  Without lifting eyes or manufacturers lifting instructions, we had to find a method of safely slinging the load to ensure the statue was securely held in place whilst lifted.  The tag line attached enabled the slinger-signaller to control the load as each section was slowly lifted, manoeuvred and lowered in to position by our crane operator.


Boiler Installation Contract Lifts in Wellingborough and  Northampton

Our 70 ton crane has been employed to install boiler and boiler housing to an industrial premises in Wellingborough, lifting it from transport and on to the roof as part of a supervised Contract Lift and in Northampton to carry out a contract lift to replace boiler room equipment on a high rise block of flats. 

In Northampton, several of A-Lift Crane Hire’s team were on site to manage the lifts from ground level to the top of the building.  Over the course of two days, the teams carried out the replacements with minimal disruption to local residents.  This was the first of several similar projects for this particular customer.

Air Conditioning Units Contract Lift to offices in Northampton

A-Lift are available to carry out weekend and night work and this particular job was booked by a valued customer to take place on a Saturday lifting Air Handling Units to office premises in Northampton whilst they were unoccupied.  Utilising our Klaas1003 crane as part of a planned Contract Lift, we installed a number of AHU’s on to the roof.  The roof was boarded in advance to enable the AHU’s to be safely moved in to position in the required installation zone reducing the need for a much larger crane and so ensuring the customer was able to achieve the most cost effective lifting solution.  

Installation of Concrete Culvert Road Bridge in Stanwick, Northamptonshire.

A-Lift Crane Hire were asked to quote for the installation of this concrete culvert roadbridge to allow access to a house in Stanwick.  Our Appointed Person visited site to meet the client and discuss the job to determine the best way to carry out the required lifts with the minimum size crane and least disruption in terms of the set up and access.  Having determined that our 70 ton crane would be ideal, we supplied the client with our completed risk assessment and method statement and attended site on the agreed date to carry out the lift.  The job went very smoothly and the client was extremely happy with our service throughout the process.  

Installation of Concrete Floor Planks with 70 ton crane, Isham Water Tower

Utilising our 70 ton crane, we worked for a private customer who was converting a water tower in to a new home.  A-Lift were tasked with planning a contract lift to lift concrete floor planks inside the water tower and help build the flooring levels for the new house.  A very different type of structure to work on but everything was successfully completed within two visits. 

Pirate Ship Removal with Tandem Contract Lift, Wicksteed Park, Kettering

Another job for Wicksteed Park when they required the removal of one of their longest serving rides, the Pirate Ship, in the centre of the park.  We carried out several site visits to plan the lift and supplied three cranes to work in tandem and provide support for the removal of the ride.  Within an 8 hour day rate, the ride had been safely dismantled and loaded on to transport for removal.



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