Lifting Equipment

Lifting Equipment

Our range of lifting equipment and cranes mean we have the flexibility to meet all your lifting requirements. We can supply all the necessary lifting tackle for a job including slings, shackles, modular lifting beams, spreader beams, brick forks and any ground mats or power pads that may be required. We will also happily arrange haulage on your behalf if this is required as part of the lift operation, e.g. when carrying out machinery movement.

In addition to regular lifting tackle, we also have a number of other pieces of lifting equipment available for hire including fall arrest tripod access system; man baskets and man cages; boat skips; concrete skips and a genie lift. Further details and images are shown below.

Within our crane depot, we have 40ft storage containers for rental, along with yard storage space to rent.

If you need advice on the equipment required for lifting any type of load, please give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Crane Rental Services
Lifting Beam for a Crane

Lifting and Spreader Beams

Lifting and Spreader Beams available for hire including Modular lifting beams with either Mod 50 beams (50 tonne capacity up to 10 metres in length) and Mod 24 beams (24 tonne capacity up to 10 metres).

Lifting Equipment

Brick Forks and Safety Nets

Available for hire when required as part of the crane lift.

Lifting Equipment

Boat Skips and Concrete Skips

Boat Skips and Concrete skips (Tremie skip) available for hire. Self tipping boat skip can be used attached to forklift or crane for removing builders waste for example.

Lifting Equipment

Genie Lift

Genie Lift available for hire with 0.5 tonne capacity.

Crane Lifting Equipment

Crane Man Cages

We have a range of man cages available for hire with one of our cranes where personnel need to gain access at height.

Lifting Eqipment

Fork Lift Man Cages

Available for hire for attachment to telescopic forklifts for use independently (e.g. to carry out work to the exterior of a property).

Power Pads for Cranes

Power Pads

1 x 1.5m steel power-pads available for hire to reduce load ground bearing pressure. 1.5 x 1.5m timber mats also available for hire as part of lifting operations.

Lifting Equipment used on a Crane

Ground Mats and Track Mats

We have a range of engineered steel and plastic ground protection and track mats available for hire to protect the ground or fragile surfaces during transportation.

Lifting Frame for A Crane

Lifting Frame

2 tonne portable lifting beam available for hire to manually hoist loads up to 2 tonne in capacity.

Fall Arrest Tripod

Fall Arrest Tripod Access System

For lowering and raising harness wearers working below ground level.

Pallet Truck

Pallet Trucks

Standard pallet trucks with lifting capacity of 2500 kg


Telehandler with Extension Forks

4 tonne 14 metre telehandler available for specialist hire with excellent height and reach capabilities. Extended forks available if required.



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